Leom graduated in 2003 from Bournemouth - the renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic with a Masters in Chiropractic.

Leom Woodal is a Doctor of Chiropractic. Prior to his education at AECC, Leom trained as an NLP practitioner, and more recently as Integrated Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) practitioner, which is a useful change work tool for removing unwanted memories, and can be used for PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder).
After graduating from AECC, he worked for Dr Gary Weber D.C. at several clinics, then working as a locum, and running his own practices before establishing LondonChiropractors.Com in 2006.

The main interest and chiropractic work of Leom Woodal is relationship between true leg length and and its many effects of the physiology and biomechanics of the human body. Clinical records over a ten year period from his practice indicate that 80% of people with any type on physical pain, have a leg length differential. His emphasis is on accurate diagnosis, and rehabilitation to maximise spinal strength.

However, in 2005 a catastrophic disc herniation in Leom's low back left him in severe pain and dysfunction for 5 years, due to damage to his sciatic nerve... Without surgery, Leom set out with determination on a path of self healing and rehabilitation. Leom continued to rebuild his back fitness to a much stronger form than before the event. His commitment and expertise in resolving his own problems while running his own practice, has been uniquely passed onto his patients using his own system of chiropractic physical practice. In 2014 Leom moved his main clinic to The Hale Clinic in Regents Crescent. 

Leom Woodal is happily married, lives and works in London, and a life long advocate of health, physical activity and spiritual philosophy, of the Eastern and Western systems. Both Leom and his wife are raw food advocates, and maintain a simple healthy life style.