The Truth About Leg Length

Sadly, too few health professionals remotely understand what this means for the patient, the full extent of this problem, or how to manage the problem, let alone recognise it. In my experience over the last 11 years, 80% of the pain population who visit me have a significant leg length difference. Most health professionals eyes glaze over when I mention this!

Have you been told the pain is in your mind?

Do you keep going back for treatments because of pain?

Do you think your "clumsy"?

Have you had back or neck pain since you were at school or college?

Interestedly, an old study from 1947 recently surfaced, and corroborates my own figure. This is the only study to my knowledge, of its kind. One thousand participants complaining of back pain, and 77% had a true leg length difference. Even better, the authors greatly resolved the levels pain and dysfunction using one thing common to my own practice.

Successfully resolving leg length issues has enabled me to help countless numbers of people with pain and dysfunction throughout the physical body. In nearly every case the underlying cause was not discovered until a thorough investigation was made. For help with related issues, Leom Woodal can be approached through The Hale Clinic in Central London by phoning 0207 631 0156 for an appointment, or directly on the mobile for same day appointments: